Canadian citizenship is one of the most sought-after citizenships in the world and it’s easy to understand why. Citizens of Canada can build their lives and careers in one of the most stable countries in the world. If you are a permanent resident in Canada, you will have the opportunity to become a Canadian citizen by naturalization when you meet the residency requirements amongst other requirements.

Once a candidate has had permanent residence in Canada for a minimum of five years they are eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. They then have the right to apply for a Canadian passport, they can then be considered to certain offers of employment that may be closed out to Canadian citizens and they can then vote and run for public office.

Along with the candidate having had permanent residency for five years they must have resided in Canada for three of those five years. The candidate must have all financials up to date and in order including tax filing and be prepared to be assessed by a citizenship official at any time.

An assessment must be taken to indicate the candidate’s familiarity with Canada, its history, its geography, its economy, its government and its laws. The test is offered in either English or French and in order for the candidate to pass they must get a minimum of 75%.

If the assessment is failed twice then an inquest will take place and if the assessment is failed a further time then the application for citizenship is refused.

Once the candidate has been granted Canadian citizenship they are invited to attend a citizenship ceremony and take the Oath of Citizenship.

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