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Our Professionals have extensive knowledge of immigration

Our professionals have extensive knowledge of immigration With their extensive knowledge of Immigration Issues and experienced immigration lawyers, you’re closer than you thinkTM.

Our Our Professionals have helped thousands

They have helped thousands of people worldwide with Canadian & USA immigration matters and they can help you too! Book Canada or US Immigration Consultations today.

Our Professionals have received multiple Top Choice Awards

They have received multiple Top Choice Awards for the Top Immigration Law Firm in the Greater Toronto Area and other global awards.

Our Professionals make it easy

They help open doors so that you, your relative, friend or employee can live, work or study in Canada or the USA. And we can speak to you by PHONE, SKYPE or IN-PERSON–whatever is most convenient for you.

All consultations are performed by licensed, independent immigration consultants and lawyers. VisaPlace itself does not provide legal advice and does not guarantee outcomes of any matter arising from such advice.

+Fees paid are for “booking fees” only and are not for legal services nor for services forming a lawyer/client relationship.

++All consultations are conducted by licensed and independent lawyers and immigration consultants. VisaPlace does not perform any legal services and outcomes resulting from such services are not guaranteed.

+++VisaPlace guarantees that you will be satisfied with your immigration consultation by a licensed immigration professional. If you are not completely satisfied VisaPlace will refund the full amount of your booking fee. For a refund, you are required to notify us within 24 hours of your consultation, after which there will be no refund issued. Refunds are applicable to booking fees only.

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